Borrower Services overview

Prosper Borrower Services enables approved partners to present personalized loan offers for customers within the context of a website or mobile app. You host the loan application flow, collect the necessary data points from your users, and dynamically pass that data to us — Prosper provides real-time decisions for your users.

Once an offer is generated, you can then present these offers to your customers, who then click through to a landing page pre-filled with the information they have already provided. At this point, they are prompted to create a Prosper account and to complete the final details to get their offer processed and funded.

This service is only available to approved Prosper partners. If you are interested in offering this service to your customers and becoming a partner, please contact us at [email protected].

Prosper provides the following

Borrower Services API
Designed for use with websites, our offers API enables you to collect and submit the required loan application fields and receive decisions in real time for your customers:

Prosper environments

Prosper has the following environments for client development, testing and release.

The URI for each environment is the Prosper address you will use when making API calls to resource endpoints. Use this value as the base endpoint when building your API calls.

Sandbox – for development and testing
Production – for deployment and release

Sandbox environment

Use the Sandbox environment to develop and test your client, and any future versions of your client in development. No real loan requests are made on the Sandbox. The Sandbox provides a mirror of the functionality provided in the Production environment, but all activities and processes are a simulation of what happens on the Production environment.

Production environment

The Production environment is the live Prosper environment. After testing your client against the Sandbox environment, you can migrate your client to the Production environment.

Testing your client on our Sandbox environment with users.

When testing your integration of your web or mobile client with our services, you will need to use one of our test users. The following users will allow you to retrieve a list of offers through Prosper.

User 1 User 2 User 3 User 4
Social Security Number 666-72-0553 666-90-6921 666-58-6657 666-85-8631
First Name Carolyn Bernard James ANTHONY
Last Name Brace Welton Dalke CORONATO
Date of Birth 01/01/1979 01/01/1996 01/01/1978 02/01/2003
Address 3039 Canal Walk Rd 3938 Hawks Nest Ct 404 Fenmore Ct 7314 WESTWIND DR
City Henderson Duluth Genoa City BOWIE
ZIP Code 89052 30097 53128 20715
Credit Score Great Good Fair Good

For each loan offer request, you must also provide a unique email address. Our Sandbox environment cannot send email to this address. Please use some unique string from within your email domain with each API call to obtain offers.

For example:

Prosper API Security

Prosper takes the security and integrity of user accounts and personal information seriously. In order for your apps to access Prosper member data or to act on their behalf, the app must be authorized. To ensure data integrity, our APIs use the industry standard OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization over SSL.

If you are building a web application, you will need to use the OAuth 2.0 client flow. The client flow is discussed in more detail in Authenticating with OAuth 2.0.